Photo of Molly while studying abroad in Chengdu, China

Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Molly, I am a 18-month strong college vegetarian who has a passion for cooking and health. I originally went vegetarian because I noticed I rarely ate meat; however, the meat I was still eating was fast food (which is less than appetizing). This sparked my interest in going meat free and I hasn’t turned back since!

I go to school in a small town in Ohio where accessible vegetarian options aren’t plentiful, forcing me to be creative and experimental with the dishes I make and order. My favorite restaurant that is vegetarian friendly is Founding Farmers back in her home state of Maryland and my favorite place to grab a quick snack is Pulp, based in northeast Ohio. I love these places because they cater to health and vegetarianism, making it easy for me to order!

Follow me along on her journey as I navigate what it means to be a devoted college vegetarian. I can’t promise it will be easy, but I can promise it will be worth it!

Eating strawberries with a friend over the summer with our chacos on

About the Blog

The University of Vegetarianism covers all topics of vegetarianism: from exploring the vegetarian lifestyle, to committing to the diet and keeping up to date on vegetarian news and tips. This blog provides a wealth of knowledge for college students of all stages of vegetarianism and helps them navigate through their day to day life during the transition.